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Adjusting seat belts and head restraints

Adjusting head restraints

According to Thatcham Research (the motor insurers’ automotive research centre) whiplash is the most common injury in car crashes in the UK. Whiplash is reported in 80% of injury claims, costing around £2.5bn per year and adding £93 to the average motor premium. The injury typically occurs at low speed when the front of one vehicle runs into the back of the car in front.

The link below from Thatcham shows drivers adjusting their head rest to the correct position.


The RoSPA link below gives similar details.


Adjusting seat belts

Seat belt manufacturer Takata’s link below shows the correct adjustment of a seatbelt.


Securon is a seat belt manufacturer. The link below shows how a seat belt is less effective if damaged.


Securon at the link below shows what to look for if a seat belt is showing signs of wear & tear and/or abuse. It also has a handy set of points for users and maintenance instructions